A little bit about us

Who are EasyPets?

Helen is the proud founding member of brands EasyTots and EasyPets which showcased her passion for family and pets. These have been such a success that Helen has joined up with 2 other pet-loving, outdoor adventure seeking friends Louise and Andy to launch iKaboodle, home of EasyPets and sister to EasyTots.

A bit of history

In 2016 EasyTots was launched and the UK's first suction place-mat for babies was born, this has since become a UK best seller. The multi-product baby range includes the award winning EasyMat mini, which has revolutionised travel feeding with babies and toddlers. The range was designed specifically to solve a common problem which was encountered with Helen's own daughter during the weaning stages. It has now been featured on UK shows 'This Morning' and 'Buy It Now'.

In 2017, with clearly too much spare time Helen joined with her partners to launch EasyPets. Here the focus was on our four-legged friends, with 5 dogs between us it was our aim to bring new and innovative products to the market that are useful, practical, fun and fitted in with our lifestyles. Now we can introduce to you the Fold-a-Bowl and the Roll-a-bowl, portable hydration and feeding for your beloved pets.

Our furry friends

Kaiser, Izzy and Tink 


This is Louise's gorgeous 3 years old Australian Labradoodle. Once a tiny chocolate brown pup he now has the legs of a super model and golden blond locks to boot. He's not so great at recall, it's much more fun to look for other furry friends.

He is such a friendly giant who loves people and other dogs. He came into the family and cured our then 4 year old of a real dog phobia. She now wants a friend for Ted!

'Ted just chilling'