Expanding Our Horizons with Amazon Clicks and Mortar

As a small business in the extremely competitive niche of pets, Helen and I are always looking for channels outside of our own website to showcase our products and grow our brand EasyPets.

Clicks and Mortar Sheffield

We also sell on Amazon as it gives us .....well to paraphrase the Heineken slogan ' we can reach parts other platforms cannot reach' . On Amazon we can share our products with customers who have not yet heard of EasyPets. We want to reach out to all those people who travel with their dogs and spread the word on our amazing, award winning, as seen on TV 'RollaBowl'.

A lot of people think Amazon is a great behemoth but underneath it is a massive eco-system for 1000's of small businesses such as ours. Without it we just wouldn't get the exposure we do!

Click here to see how Amazon and their trial of clicks and mortar stores has helped us hit the high street! You'll see me (Louise) explaining why the partnership is so important to us 

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