Benefits of adopting a dog

Over the years, we’ve come to realise that dogs really are man’s best friend. Through the good times and the bad, they stand by our side without judgement and while always willing to offer a fluffy hug whenever required. Therefore, it perhaps isn’t surprising to hear that thousands of people search for a new canine friend every single year.

Ultimately, there are many ways to do this including internet listings and finding breeders in the newspaper. However, there’s no better way than adopting from a local animal shelter, just like our Izzy and Tink.

Our Tink - rescued from a puppy farm where she'd been used for successive litters.

Welcome a Dog to the Family

Firstly, this method of finding a dog allows you to find a fluffy friend while also providing a home to homeless and unwanted dogs nearby. Unfortunately, many locations around the UK still struggle with this problem and it’s disheartening to see so many dogs without a forever home.

If you talk to a dog lover, you’ll notice that they’re passionate about everybody adopting from a shelter for these reasons. But there’s more because you can free some space in the shelter for more struggling dogs, they’ve already had their immunisations, and the shelter can normally tell you everything you need to know about;

  • Character
  • Personality
  • Temperament
  • Happiness

Healthy Canine

When you choose to adopt, it’s a responsible decision because the dog will have been seen by a vet and they would have been cleared of parasites and diseases while also having their shots.

Suddenly, all you have to worry about is buying a comfy basket, dog bowl, toys, a lead, and other small products.

Dogs of All Shapes and Sizes

For some reason, there’s a misconception that all dogs at shelters are strays. In truth, there are many reasons as to why an owner may turn their dog into a shelter. When the shelter is able to have a good conversation with the owner, they can obtain plenty of information. This includes;

  • Frequency of barking
  • Behaviour around children
  • Whether they’re trained in the home
  • If they have an obedient nature
  • How active and playful they are

Of course, the shelter will need to trust the word of the owner on all these factors, but they tend to be honest in these situations. In fact, the reason for them giving up the dog in the first place can be a useful insight. For us, when looking for a new canine friend, all these details can be incredibly helpful.

 Keep Supporting Shelters

For communities all around the world, animal rescue centres are doing a fantastic job to provide much-needed support and a lifeline to the animals that need it. Since most operate without governmental support and funding, their resources are limited, and they can only take in a small number of dogs.

How do they keep helping stray and unwanted dogs? By providing their existing dogs with new homes through the likes of you and us. If they aren’t adopted, some facilities are forced into euthanasia; a step that nobody likes.

If you can, why not offer your support for such shelters today and choose to adopt rather than buying your next dog? Save its life, save money, and give a dog a second chance at love!

We would love to know your adoption stories. Comment below.

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